looking for £820, body only.  Comes with tascam audio recorder *WORTH 150*, battery, 8gb cf card and lexar firewire 800 card reader *WORTH 80*

The camera is extremely clean and well kept, but comes with a broken usb port which can easily be repaired, or cf card reader can be used other wise!

A great deal on a great camera!

Going onto ebay officially tonight, so any takers or inquires please contact


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Thanks, Tom

It was good working with these guys on 'Itch - five bottles of shampoo (acoustic)'

Hope it goes well for them down the line. 



The King Blues today announced that they would be parting ways. Very sad news indeed. 

I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank all involved at The King Blues for all that they have contributed to Decode Film, and for the support shown to us throughout the last few years whilst we had the pleasure of working for them.

An incredible live band, a group of people we’ll always have respect for, and a legacy that will live on in music for a long, long time. 

“Viva La Punk”

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A short behind the scenes shot for ‘The Way The Lamp Swings’. The cut is rough as it was also sent in for britain in a day. 


Featuring ex members of The Eyes Of A Traitor, Viatrophy, The Plight & The Arusha Accord. Announcements at the end of March.

Recently worked along side Ash Jordan on the promotional video for the release.  

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We like our short docs. So check out this short by the guys over at Focus Forward Films.